EndoTech® Nerve Release System The forefront of minimally invasive hand surgery

EndoTech® is a revolutionary minimally-invasive instrumentation system, developed right here in Arizona. This new patent-pending system provides the most advanced visualization of any endoscopic hand surgery technique. Its leading-edge technology allows the surgeon to see all of the internal anatomy with extreme clarity, so that procedures can be performed in the safest and most effective manner possible. EndoTech is used to treat the following hand and arm conditions:

How EndoTech® Works
The Forefront of Minimally Invasive Hand Surgery


  • 1-2 small incisions, and through the use of an endoscope, only the transverse carpal ligament is divided.
  • This technique leaves the surrounding tissues unharmed.
  • Provides more room for the wrist nerve and removes the pressure, resulting in a return of sensation and function.
  • Shorter recovery time, within 1 week
  • Less pain

‘Open’ Approach

  • Large incision through the palm, down to the transverse carpal ligament
  • 6-8 weeks recovery time
  • Up to 57% recurrence rate
  • 7-20% persistent symptoms

Studies have shown that this remarkable visualization significantly decreases surgical risks, with zero complications to date in over 4000 procedures performed. EndoTech® results in the least amount of pain and fastest recovery compared to other surgical techniques. This allows for a much higher success rate and a greater overall patient outcome.

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