The philosophy behind The Fitzmaurice Hand Institute is a simple one: Strive to always provide the best, most appropriate and most effective care for each and every person who walks through our door.

For Dr. Michael Fitzmaurice, this is an all-encompassing principle that guides everything he does in the office and in the operating room. It also is the guiding premise behind our unique level of compassion, commitment and service. And it’s the very heart of his approach to your fastest, most complete relief and return to full function – the minimally invasive approach.

Just as our staff is dedicated to your needs and comfort, our providers are committed to providing surgery that’s optimally effective at providing relief and restoring function. These days, it’s no secret that surgery that is less invasive offers numerous advantages to the patient and the surgeon both. Well, this is every bit as true when it comes to surgery of the hand, wrist and elbow. In fact, with nerve structures and important and complex anatomy involved, minimally invasive approaches have proven particularly helpful for improving outcomes and reducing downtime.

For these reasons, Dr. Fitzmaurice is always pushing to expand the precision of hand surgery by innovating new techniques that improve visualization, enable more complete treatment (especially for nerve decompression) and — most of all — can help you get back to your life more quickly and with optimal results.

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